To win the SPEC MIX BRICKLAYER 500 World Championship you need speed, skill and stamina. You also need a mason tender who can keep pace, delivering the materials needed for an award winning wall.

The Toughest Tender competition is about challenging each mason tender to set up their feeder stations as quickly as possible under established guidelines. The winner walks away with $2500 and the title, “SPEC MIX Toughest Tender.”


1. During the competition, the competitors’ work methods in the SPEC MIX TOUGHEST TENDER® Competition shall be as close as possible to an actual jobsite situation.
2. Teamwork and coordination between the mason’s tender and the competing mason for set up strategy is critical for success.
3. While the speed and accuracy of set up in the work area will determine the SPEC MIX TOUGHEST TENDER, safe-working procedures are of the utmost importance.



1. 1,000 – modular brick (approx.)
2. 55 – 8x8x16 CMU
3. 2 – 8x8x8 CMU
4. 5 – mortar boards
5. 4 – 16’ plank
6. 1 – wheel barrow
7. 1 – 5 gallon pail
8. 1 – tempering pail
9. 1 – shovel
10. 2 – brick tongs



1. All required materials for each competition area will be staged in each competitor’s work area.
2. Contestants will be responsible for the setting up the configuration of the work area identical to the contestant demonstration area and the diagrams below. Once the work area is set up and the SPEC MIX TOUGHEST TENDER Competition is complete, there will be NO deviation to the configuration of the work area until the start of the SPEC MIX BRICKLAYER 500.
3. The use of brick tongs will be allowed for the placement of brick stacks. Chipped brick will not be allowed in the wall, so care must be taken in brick placement.
4. Before the start of the competition, all materials originally in the stall must be restored to their original position as accurately as possible with the exception of the material used in the construction of the starter courses.
5. Competitors will start simultaneously from their appropriate staging areas and will be independently timed from the starting signal until all materials and equipment has been appropriately staged and the competitors return to the staging area adjacent to their competition stall.
6. The winning Tender will be the one that has set up the work area properly in the least amount of time safely. GOOD LUCK!

  • 15 – 8” block and 4 – 16’ plank for staging material
  • 2 – 8” block at either end of the stall for level holders
  • 5 mortar boards
  • 5 equal stacks of brick, 2 deep and 4 high. All brick face up.
  • Brick tongues on center stack of brick pointing in the same direction

  • 4 equal stacks of brick 2 deep and 5 high of remaining brick positioned directly behind the brick on the staging plank. All brick face up and equal in size

  • 4 equal stacks of brick 2 deep and 5 high of remaining brick positioned directly behind the brick on the staging plank. All brick face up and equal in size

  • The last few brick remaining should be split up equally over the 4 stacks, directly in the center of the stacks on the top

  • Wheel barrow positioned directly in the center of the stall
  • Shovel leaning on the side of the wheel barrow facing the next competitors stall
  • Tempering pail and 5 gallon pail on either side of the shovel