A dark and mysterious time has fallen on Planet Earth. Masonry construction has risen from a wicked past and today’s contractors struggle to overcome the demands for a skilled workforce. The powerful legacy of masonry needs craftsmen with superhuman skills—Who can save one of the world’s oldest trades from becoming extinct?

There is only one answer, and he’s ready to tackle the challenge!

Hailing from Planet SPEC MIX, Supermason has long been revered as the greatest craftsman in the known universe. His strength lies with his ability to lay a perfect wall in seconds, never making an error. He’s responsible for building millions of structures, and his legend will reign forever. His cape is impervious to dust, his Marshalltown Trowel is light as a feather. He wears only Iron Age work boots and Blaklader pants, keeping him one step ahead of his closest enemies.

His mission has always been clear, “Keeping the Trade Strong.” With the demand for skilled workers on the rise, Supermason knows the only way to save masonry is through education and promotion.

But now, Supermason is searching for his successor. His time on Earth is almost complete, and he will soon have to fly off to save craftsmanship on another planet. But before he goes, he must find a new Supermason to take his place in history. One who can carry on his legacy, never to be defeated.

There is no better contest to select the next superhero of masonry than the SPEC MIX BRICKLAYER 500. The ultimate showdown of the toughest, smartest and grittiest mix of masons in the world. Supermason knows the next person who holds the “World’s Best Bricklayer” title will be the greatest who has ever lived.