STABILA…Sets Standards.

We are a German manufacturer of specialty measuring and layout tools.

Our products are the preferred choice of professionals throughout the world. Precision measuring tools perform faster, easier and create more profit.

All of our tools are factory tested and durable; built to handle real world jobsite conditions while providing craftsmen with the dependability and consistent accuracy they expect and deserve.

STABILA levels will maintain their stated accuracy for life.

The vials on all STABILA levels will not fog, leak or become inaccurate.

• STABILA Mason levels are designed to be HIT with a trowel.
• Patented “Dead Blow Shield” protects the frame and transfers the energy from the trowel hit to the work surface.
• Top mounted horizontal vial for visibility, minimizes bending over.
• Vertical vial right where you want it.
• Water and brush easy clean-up