Marshalltown – Setting the Standard of Quality Since 1890.

MARSHALLTOWN is famous for trowels, but that is only part of the company’s extensive product line. MARSHALLTOWN is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of construction tools with over 6,500 products for professionals and homeowners working with brick, concrete, asphalt, drywall, EIFS, flooring, tile, carpet, paint, plaster, stucco, and wallpapering.

The most successful professionals in the construction industry count on MARSHALLTOWN for superior tools that enhance the quality and efficiency of their work. MARSHALLTOWN has pioneered some of the most groundbreaking changes in construction tools, continuously developing new products and features. Successful innovations include the brick red DuraSoft® handle that combines comfort with strength and PermaShape® trowels that retain their broken-in shape.

For over 128 years, the MARSHALLTOWN product line and facilities have continued to expand, but the commitment to quality, innovation, and fair prices have remained the same.