Hydro Mobile’s mast climbing work platforms support your business on every level.

Hydro Mobile is committed to designing and manufacturing products that contribute to creating hazard-free work environments. It is the policy of the company to offer quality products that contribute to increased worker safety, security and longevity. With over 6,000 platforms on the market, Hydro Mobile is unquestionably the leader of the industry.

The M-Series is the workhorse of Hydro Mobile’s platforms. It is the perfect tool for any facade work that requires high capacity, whether for new construction or restoration. With a load capacity of 20,000 lb, and a climbing rate of 3′ per minute, it is perfect for masonry (brick or block), stone or marble facade work from 20′ to 250′ in height.

Hydro Mobile also offers Engineering and layout services, maintenance support and training programs.

To learn more about the M-Series and our other products, the P-Series, the F-Series, the E-Series and the Hydro Mobile’s Transport Platform, visit our website at www.hydro-mobile.com or call our office at 1-888-484-9376.

Independently of your project size or complexity, Hydro Mobile can provide you with a safe and efficient solution.