Hohmann and Barnard

For over 88 years, Hohmann & Barnard, Inc., has delivered innovative solutions for the masonry industry. We are a global leader in manufacturing construction materials for the building envelope. We offer anchors and reinforcement, moisture protection, restoration anchors, thermally efficient systems, air/vapor barrier systems, and custom-engineered solutions for the mason contractor.

Among the products we provide to both the commercial and residential markets are our unmatched thermal performance products. Our groundbreaking Thermal Brick Support (TBS) system reduces thermal bridging in shelf angles to improve the energy efficiency of your building. The innovative bracket system features job-specific engineering to move the shelf angle away from the wall. This allows for continuous insulation behind the shelf angle, further increasing energy efficiency and reducing labor costs.

Our 2-SEAL™ Thermal Wing Nut Anchor uses a steel reinforced, UL94-rated wing to create a thermal break at the insulation, while maintaining the integrity of the wall system, in case of a fire. Create a custom look on any building with our Arched Concealed Lintel. We offer an innovative line of Repair and Restoration systems as well as our line of Diedrich Technologies products.

ENVIRO-BARRIER™ SILICONE is a silicone air and water-resistive barrier (AWB) that has a 100% silicone coating that is solvent-free, fluid-applied, and used to coat and seal above-grade wall assemblies.

LIGHTNING-FLASH™ WALL FLASHING, made with 3M™ technology is designed for use as a through-wall flashing and damp-proof course. Its impermeable membrane has an aggressive, high-tack, acrylic, pressure sensitive adhesive that does not require a primer on most construction surfaces.

H&B’s ENVIRO-BARRIER™ VP is our new, single-component, fluid-applied, elastomeric membrane that provides an air and water barrier when applied to above-grade wall assemblies. It cures to form a resilient, monolithic, fully adhered elastomeric membrane, which resists air leakage and water penetration, but allows vapor diffusion.