Hohmann and Barnard

For more than 90 years, Hohmann & Barnard, Inc., has delivered innovative solutions for the masonry industry, offering anchors and reinforcement, moisture protection, restoration anchors, thermally efficient systems, air/vapor barrier systems, and custom-engineered solutions.

Our groundbreaking Thermal Brick Support (TBS) System reduces thermal bridging in shelf angles to improve the energy efficiency of your building. The innovative bracket system features job-specific engineering to move the shelf angle away from the wall. This allows for continuous insulation behind the shelf angle, further increasing energy efficiency and reducing labor costs.

Our 2-SEAL™ Thermal Wing Nut Anchor has a single-screw veneer tie for metal stud construction, with thermal wings made from steel encapsulated in flame-resistant plastic to create a thermal break. EPDM washers seal at both the face of the insulation and the air/vapor barrier. The anchor spins to easily orient pintles/hooks parallel to masonry joints.

With our Concealed Lintels, you can build beauty into your next project! Create a distinguished look using any of our three arch options: Surfaced Mounted Arch, Flat Spine or Arch Spine. If you can dream it, we can customize the look of your building.

Our Torq-Lok® Mechanical Anchoring System and Panel-Lok® Panel Re-anchoring System play a role in the preservation of many beautiful, historical buildings and landmarks.

H&B’s ENVIRO-BARRIER™ SILICONE System helps your wall resist air leakage and water penetration. Primerless adhesion means no bonding agent!

Hohmann & Barnard