Mason and Stucco Contractors across North America use SPEC MIX® preblended mortars, grouts and stuccos on a variety of different jobsites. Our high quality product performance improves project efficiency at a cost effective value supported by superior sales support and service. SPEC MIX is the SOLUTION YOU CAN TRUST!


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Silo Solutions:

SPEC MIX® strives to develop material delivery solutions which improve the bottom line of our clients. The G7000, Split Silo, and Ten Bagger silos are the standard for preblended mixing.  If the project requires masonry mortar, grout, concrete, shotcrete or stucco, our silos are ready to assist. Contact your local sales representative to learn more about these systems.

Power Solutions:

Our Power Auger Delivery Systems are designed to increase a contractor’s efficiency by providing a mobile system that dispenses material close to the craftsmen. The PA1000 and PA4000 are engineered for dispensing all SPEC MIX dry, preblended products quickly, consistently and safely to decrease cost and increase profitability.