Silo Mixer Shroud



The SPEC MIX Silo Mixer Shroud is a new addition to our Silo Delivery Systems designed to further increase worker safety and jobsite efficiency. When properly installed the SPEC MIX Silo Mixer Shroud further mitigates a worker’s potential interaction with respirable dust at the silo mixing station.

Installing Mixer Shroud: The shroud is designed and produced so top chute and/or bottom hem can be custom cut so it covers and encloses the top grate of the mixer without restrict its dumping action. To select the optimal overall height or length of the shroud to both restrict mixer dust emissions and eliminate snagging or pulling the shroud off the silo when laborers dump wet material from the mixer, choose one of the three black nylon screw-clamp pockets available to fasten the mixer shroud to silo. Start by pre-measuring the distance between the top of the mixer grate and the silo dispensing gate ring to determine which of the three screw-clamp pockets will ultimately allow the shroud’s hem to hang 2”-4” below the top of the mixer. This creates a good seal that controls dust dispersion. If necessary, the hem can be trimmed to further adjust the length of the shroud for best coverage and performance.

When installed and utilized properly the Silo Mixer Shroud’s unique design and construction allows the person mixing material to raise the shroud, if needed, to quickly view the material being mixed. The shroud should always be lowered to enclose the mixer top and control dust dispersion.