Our Team

Our Team

We’re an aggressive team with a lot of passion and fight to achieve our mission: Deliver the highest quality performance products and project solutions to the construction industry. Whether our client is a design professional selecting colored mortar for a restoration project or the contractor performing the work on a high-rise in downtown Chicago, we pride ourselves on being good listeners to help select the best product for the application while achieving maximum jobsite productivity. As cliché as it may sound, we immerse ourselves in the businesses and needs of the contractors we proudly consider as our friends. Whether it’s participating in contractor association meetings and initiatives, to holding national and regional SPEC MIX BRICKLAYER 500® events, we’re happy to support the building trades that are the backbone of the industry. We take pride in this status, which is something we are privileged to uphold.

All of our product regional managers possess years of actual field experience in the trades for which SPEC MIX materials are used. From single-family homes to sports coliseums that seat 100,000, for the past 20 years, we’ve strived to make every project we’ve touched better than imagined.


Jeff Farmakes, Marketing Communications – Jeff directs the conception, design and production of SPEC MIX print, display and digital media to market the SPEC MIX brand. He’s our in-house Public Relations rep that writes and spreads the news about all the great things SPEC MIX does to promote the construction industry and our brand. Visit www.specmixbricklayer500.com and you’ll see what Jeff does in his spare time in the office. Contact Jeff when you have a question about our brand.

Greg Hutchinson, Marketing Communications – The newest member of our marketing team, Greg brings a wealth of experience in video content and digital advertising production. Before relocating to Minnesota, Greg worked as a television news photojournalist for over a decade in North Carolina. We look forward to building our presence online with Greg’s knowledge and creativity driving our brand.

Nick Blohowiak, National Sales Manager – First things first, when you talk about Nick, THERE IS NO BIGGER GREEN BAY PACKER FAN…at least in his mind. Nick is the only teammate that works from a satellite office that is strategically located in God’s Country—Green Bay, Wisconsin. At the young age of 21 while functioning as a college student in Wisconsin (imagine that), Nick sold his first bag of SPEC MIX mortar as a distributor representative for our QUIKRETE-WI plant. Now a 12-year member of our corporate team, Nick’s role has evolved into the R&D of our Shotcrete products, performance mortars and grouts, and zealous creator of the ultimate silo delivery system for contractors. What’s his true work-related love? The SPEC MIX BRICKLAYER 500—Feel free to ask anyone that knows him!

Brian Carney, Vice President/General Manager – From his college days working summers as a mason tender to the SPEC MIX team leader, Brian is the longest tenured member of the SPEC MIX crew. He joined the company back in the day when he still had a full head of hair, and many people in the masonry industry thought the SPEC MIX silo and bulk bag system would be a “flash-in-the pan” thing. Well…a lot has changed over the past 20+ years. Today SPEC MIX is rockin’ the masonry world and Brian’s head shines like a new penny! He’s responsible for SPEC MIX brand strategy, management and all things driving the company’s business development. Brian’s favorite color is PMS 647—the one and only Pantone color that represents “SPEC MIX Blue”.  Rumor is that’s also the color of his blood!