AGE: 39
COMPANY: Mason Structure
LOCATION: Wheatley, KY


This is not Cole Stamper’s first rodeo. The 39-year-old mason from Wheatley, KY took a short drive to Cleveland to compete in the 2019 Ohio regional series, and qualified for the SPEC MIX BRICKLAYER 500 World Championship for the second year in a row, his third time in four years.

Stamper is bringing along 38-year-old tender Jeff Becker, who replaced Cole’s brother for the World Championships last year due to an injury. Becker proved to be a worthy partner, as the duo took second place and have their sights set on winning it all this year.

The game plan for Las Vegas is simple, build several competition walls before the event. Stamper said, “If you’re not used to laying brick over hand during the workday, it doesn’t hurt to get in a little practice.”

Stamper and Becker both work for Mason Structure in Lexington, KY. But masonry wasn’t the first career choice for Stamper. He tried his hand at college, and while quickly mounting debt, he decided it was time to get serious about earning a paycheck. A family friend stepped up and helped him find his way into masonry, and he’s stuck with it for over twenty years.

When Cole isn’t working or practicing for the World Championships, he’s likely grilling, playing cornhole, or hanging out with his six-year-old daughter and wife of 13 years.