Masonry Rocks Initiative Opening Doors for Area High School Students

Dallas, TX – In response to a growing demand for masons across the country, SPEC MIX has partnered with the Texas Masonry Council to assist in their Masonry Rocks initiative. Designed to introduce high school students across the state of Texas to the world of masonry, Masonry Rocks is working to build interest in the skilled trades through hands-on educational events. Students will learn about the tools of the trade, expectant wages, and will be given a chance to try bricklaying for themselves. The primary goal of Masonry Rocks is to encourage local high schools to consider building their own masonry program.

The next Masonry Rocks Regional Showcase will take center stage at Cisco Masonry Supply in Ft. Worth, TX on April 20th and 21st from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Eight Dallas-Ft. Worth area high schools will participate in the program, with as many as two-hundred students expected to be in attendance to experience what it takes to learn the masonry trade.

According to a study by the bureau of labor statistics, overall employment of masonry workers is expected to decline 2 percent by 2030. Programs like Masonry Rocks aim to bridge that gap through deliberate educational programs, promoting masonry as viable career opportunity.

“Exposure to these types of masonry programs is essential to making sure we have a workforce to rely on in the future. You never know who you are going to inspire by holding these events,” said Trey Harris, SPEC MIX Regional Manager.