Masonry Madness

Masonry Madness at the World of Concrete

When masons and tenders from across the world get together to showcase their speed, skill and stamina, we call that Masonry Madness. For the past 21 years, SPEC MIX has provided the backdrop for several high energy craftsmanship competitions. Throughout the progression of these events, the quality of workmanship has greatly improved as masons have stepped up to the challenges, and continue to raise the bar.

Masonry Madness isn’t just about one competition, it’s the culmination of four different events coming together to highlight the very best in masonry. Watch each LIVE on Wednesday, January 24th, and help us celebrate craftsmanship through this fun and unique competition.

2024 World Championships
2024 World Championships - Top Craftsman


The SPEC MIX BRICKLAYER 500® World Championship Event is renowned as the top attraction for the World of Concrete trade show. 23 bricklayer and mason tender teams will raced against a 60-minute clock to build a 26 foot long brick wall.

• $5,000 check, SPEC MIX BRICKLAYER 500 World Champion Jacket and 1st Place Trophy from SPEC MIX®
• Multiquip ESSICK PRO 12 Mortar Mixer
• STIHL TSA 230 battery-powered cut-off machine, w/ accessories
• Blaklader $1,000 gip cerOficate
• STABILA Custom Trophy 24” level and plaque
• Marshalltown trophy trowel & loaded SPEC MIX BRICKLAYER 500 tool bag
• GATORBACK Mortarboards – 10 pack


One mason will be determined to have built the “most-sellable” wall as determined by a panel of judges. This wall will be free of craftsmanship deductions, with at least 500 brick. That mason will then be crowned the 2024 SPEC MIX TOP CRAFTSMAN.

• Kubota RTV-X1140
• $5,000 check from SPEC MIX
• Marshalltown Ceremonial Trophy Trowel and Tool Bag
• STIHL TSA 230 Cutquik Battery-Powered Cut-Off Machine w/ accessories
• Blaklader $1,000 gip certificate
• STABILA custon trophy 24” level and plaque
• GATORBACK Mortarboards – 10 pack

SPEC MIX Toughest Tender


The SPEC MIX TOUGHEST TENDER® Competition is a combination of speed and detail that requires each of the mason tenders of the SPEC MIX BRICKLAYER 500 to strategically lift, carry and place thousands of pounds of materials and tools needed to set up the bricklayer’s defined workstation.

• $2,500 check & SPEC MIX TOUGHEST TENDER® Trophy from SPEC MIX
• STIHL $700 Product Certificate
• BLAKLADER $500 Gift Certificate

MCAA Fastest Trowel on the Block

MCAA’s Fastest Trowel on the Block

The Fastest Trowel on the Block Competition, hosted by the Mason Contractors Association of America, is a showcase of industry craftsmanship and a testament of both the speed and skill of our industry’s workforce. Only those journeymen masons who have the skill, confidence and courage to face-off with the industry’s best are invited to compete. This is a contest that also proves how important teamwork is in accomplishing a final product.

The competition will pit journeyman masons, accompanied by their favorite tender, against one another in a show of both speed and craftsmanship. Each contestant’s goal is to complete as much of a 30 foot long wall as possible, using 8″x8″x16″ CMU and the provided mortar in a twenty-minute heat. Contestants must have a high degree of workmanship using normal masonry practices and hand tools.

The contest promotes quality training and pride in workmanship among journeymen and contractors, as well as promoting the craftsmanship, speed and versatility of masonry systems and the masonry workforce. This contest also rewards and highlights the country’s best mason journeymen for their hard work and dedication to the trade.

• 1st Place: $8,000
• 2nd Place: $2,500
• 3rd Place: $1,500

MCAA Fastest Trowel on the Block

SPEC MIX JR. Bricklayer 500

The JR. BRICKLAYER 500 builds on SPEC MIX’s commitment to “KEEPING THE TRADE STRONG” by uniting with local masonry contractors, instructors and associations to provide a rewarding experience for the industry’s next generation skilled craftsmen. During the setup of the day’s events the SMBL 500 Regional Series bricklayers spend time with the junior contestants coaching them with words of encouragement and tips on technique to ensure a solid, prideful performance.

The growth and strength of the masonry industry is dependent on its members inspiring, training and mentoring its workforce. The combination of the JR. BRICKLAYER 500 and Regional Series of events is the perfect venue to promote the masonry craftsmanship and introduce young people to the career opportunities available in the industry.

• 1st Place: $500

Masonry Skills Competition at the World of Concrete in Las Vegas

MCAA’s Masonry Skills Challenge

MCAA’s Masonry Skills Challenge is the national championship of masonry apprentices in first, second and third year skill levels. The contest consists of nearly three dozen aspiring masons who are given three hours to showcase their skills by challenging the winning apprentices from numerous regional U.S. and foreign competitions to determine the top masonry apprentices at each level. This exciting competition spotlights the industry’s finest young masons and focuses on on careers in the masonry industry.


1st Year Apprentices

• First place: $750
• Second place: $500
• Third place: $250

2nd Year Apprentices

• First place: $750
• Second place: $500
• Third place: $250

3rd Year Apprentices
• First place: $750
• Second place: $500
• Third place: $250