SPEC MIX Material Use Guide

Spec Mix Material Use Guide


As a leader in preblended materials supply and on site delivery systems, SPEC MIX® takes pride in continuing to provide its customers with timely information and solutions to keep projects moving forward in a fashion that addresses worker safety and OSHA Standards. This booklet is designed to inform contractors of certain pertinent information regarding OSHA’s New Crystalline Silica Rule for Construction (29 CFR 11926.1153) and to suggest certain controls that should reduce dust exposure when mixing SPEC MIX products at the mix station. For purposes of aiding the overall reduction of dust created from all activities conducted on a job siteit is important to note that the new OSHA rule is not constrained to any specific construction product and is focused on construction activities that produce large amounts of fine particles, such as sawing, drilling and grinding and not where exposure will remain low under any foreseeable conditions, such as mixing mortar, pouring concrete footers, slab foundation and foundation walls or removing concrete framework.



Spec Mix Material Use Guide Spec Mix Material Use Guide Spec Mix Material Use Guide