The Jr. spec mix bricklayer 500


The SPEC MIX BRICKLAYER 500® is no longer all about seasoned vets. Now high school and apprentice students can get in on the action and test their skills against their peers.

Our mission is to excite the next generation of masons and skilled craftsmen, by giving them an opportunity to shine on the biggest stage in masonry.

The SPEC MIX BRICKLAYER 500® is the masonry industry’s most celebrated event for highlighting the attributes and passion that define the makings of a great mason: SKILL, SPEED, and STAMINA. Recognized as the Super Bowl of masonry, the excitement and energy of the intense competition is motivating masons all over the world to be the best craftsman on the job.

Now with the addition of the JR. BRICKLAYER 500 contests taking place at numerous SPEC MIX BRICKLAYER 500 Regional Series’ across North America, masonry high school students and apprentices can get in on the bricklaying action and shine on masonry’s biggest stage! Judged like the journeymen event, JR. BRICKLAYER 500 competitors are challenged by a 20-minute clock and a 9’-4” starter wall to showcase their skills, compete for prizes and prove they’ll soon be ready to claim the title of “World’s Best Bricklayer.”

The JR. BRICKLAYER 500 builds on SPEC MIX’s commitment to “KEEPING THE TRADE STRONG” by uniting with local masonry contractors, instructors and associations to provide a rewarding experience for the industry’s next generation skilled craftsmen. During the setup of the day’s events the SMBL 500 Regional Series bricklayers spend time with the junior contestants coaching them with words of encouragement and tips on technique to ensure a solid, prideful performance.

The growth and strength of the masonry industry is dependent on its members inspiring, training and mentoring its workforce. The combination of the JR. BRICKLAYER 500 and Regional Series of events is the perfect venue to promote the masonry craftsmanship and introduce young people to the career opportunities available in the industry.