MASON: Johnny Langeraap
TENDER: Luke Wikander
COMPANY: Langerapp Masonry – Sparta, NJ

Johnny Langeraap comes from a family of masons, including his dad, two cousins, an uncle, and is hoping to share his passion with at least one of his four sons. He started working for his dad at the age of 13 and 29 years later he is on his way to Vegas to compete for the title of WORLD’S BEST BRICKLAYER. He first heard about the SPEC MIX BRICKLAYER 500 six years ago when Sparta Block, the yard Langeraap mainly uses, hosted a Northeast Regional Competition. The owner of Sparta Block, Ben Denise, encouraged Johnny to compete. He first started out competing as a tender, took some time off from competing, and then came back in full-swing competing as the mason with his friend, Luke Wikander, as his tender. (Fun Fact: Luke Wikander is actually a lawyer)

When we asked Langeraap what masonry means to him, he said “Masonry is my life. My dad taught me, and my cousins used to joke that they had to reteach me. At the end of each day, I usually take pictures, and I have a sense of accomplishment. My Dad has passed, and everyday working is a reminder of him.”

Having won the Northeast Regional, Langeraap has a bit to say about the competition, “I don’t take many days off of work, but I love taking this day off to compete. I have a competitive personality, especially while working. In my earlier days, I would see how many block I could fit in the wheelbarrow without tipping over, or how much material I could carry up the ladder in one trip. Once I started laying brick and block, my goal was to beat the other mason to the middle of the wall and beyond. Winning the Northeast Regional competition was one of the best feelings I have ever had.  It was surreal. It took a few days to sink in that I am actually going to compete in Vegas against all the other regional winners. It gave a sense of gratification.”

When it comes to the future of masonry and words of advice for potential masons, Langeraap has some noble words to share, “It is hard to find skilled labor, so hopefully more kids get involved that want to learn. I enjoy teaching masonry to those willing to learn, and enjoy even more teaching my 4 sons.  If you like to work hard, this is the perfect profession for you. To make money in masonry, you have to be efficient.  Many tasks we do are repetitive, thus keep your mind busy by finding an easier way.”

2020 SPEC MIX BRICKLAYER 500 Ohio Regional