MASON: Jake Brock
TENDER: Nick Miller
COMPANY: Brock Corporation – Ft. Atkinson, WI

Jake Brock has been in the masonry industry for the last 30 years. He started out working for his father’s masonry company as a laborer at the age of 12. When he turned 16 years old, his father bought him his first toolbox and it was history from there. Having been from a family of masons, including his grandfather, father, brother and uncle, it was written for him to become one as well.

When asked what masonry means to him, Jake said, “It means quite a bit. I enjoy the industry and take great pride in what we do, what we put up, and the end results. There is nothing like seeing the smile on people’s faces when the job is done.”

Jake first heard about the SMBL500 back in 2009 from his SPEC MIX Sales Rep, Mike Rolf. He had no choice but to jump into competing and has been every year since. Between him and his brother, they have won 12 or so regionals. He still looks forward to competing in Vegas every time.

“I am looking forward to winning in Vegas, just getting on the podium stand would be great but getting first place would be excellent. I have practiced a lot, competed a lot, and I have a good system down and our quality is good. We just need to get our numbers up. I would love to get first place while my grandparents are still able to join us in Vegas, they have come every year that I’ve competed and I would like to show them a win before they can’t join us in Vegas anymore.”

To the future masons and direction of the industry, Jake has some uplifting words to share, “It is a great industry, it is something to take pride in, it is hard work but a lof of gratitude and compliments can be found in it. I would like to see some of these kids grow up and pay as much attention as possible. Put their heads down and work as the future is strong. There is no lack of masonry work here in Wisconsin, it is definitely not a dying industry when it comes to work. We will always need masonry.”

2020 SPEC MIX BRICKLAYER 500 Ohio Regional