2020 SPEC MIX BRICKLAYER 500 World Champion, Fred Campbell

For the first time in the history of the SPEC MIX BRICKLAYER 500, we have a three time champion! Mason Fred Campbell and tender Tony Shelton, from Creative Masonry in Greeneville, TN, laid 756 qualifying brick, and are taking home a new Ford F250 4×4 truck, Essick Pro 12 Mortar Mixer from Multiquip, $5,000 in cash, and a slew of other great prizes!

The 2020 World Championship marked the 10th time Fred Campbell earned to chance to compete in Las Vegas. having won twice before, he was an immediate favorite to win it all. Campbell laid 770 brick in the West Tennessee qualifier, one of the highest totals in the 24 regional series event.

Campbell’s motivation was simple, to be the first-ever three-time World Champion. His goal was 800 brick after deductions, which he fell short of by 44. Campbell never allowed himself to become complacent, he practiced more than ever, while focusing on getting in better shape before heading to Vegas.

You won’t find many people with more drive and dedication than Fred Campbell. “The thing that makes me tick is that I grew up really poor. My dad was a mason and had 8 kids. We had enough money for food and clothes, and that was about it,” he said. Now Campbell is using that motivation to drive his business, Creative Masonry, and leading more than 70 employees to successful careers in masonry.

When Campbell was first learning to his craft, his father would pay him a dollar for every brick he laid. It didn’t take him long to learn that the harder he worked, the more money he would make. That philosophy has carried him a long way, and is a big reason why you can still find him on the wall, laying as many as 10,000 brick a week.

At 47-years-old, slowing down isn’t an option for Campbell, who is married with six kids. On Saturdays, he likes to take up smaller, more odd jobs to keep himself busy. He’s hoping to pass along his passion and skill to his eight-year-old son, whom he would love to see competing in the SPEC MIX BRICKLAYER 500 someday.

Now, Campbell has that elusive third championship under his belt, and can set his sights on defending his title.