MASON: Esteban Cabral
TENDER: Óscar Gausin
COMPANY: JVS Masonry, Commerce City, CO

Esteban Cabral, an independent contractor from Denver, CO, has been working in masonry for 20 years. Cabral got into it when his older brother invited him to work as a tender at 16 years old. Masonry, to Esteban, means a lot of effort, dedication, and commitment. For him, masonry is an art and a skill that only a few people can perform to a high level of execution.

Cabral has goals of opening his own masonry company and to be his own boss so he can share his knowledge with the younger generations. His advice to them is to listen, learn from their mentors, and to put it to practice with a lot of effort in order to become a good mason.

Esteban first heard about the SMBL500 competition from his fellow masons around 2014. He says that for the regional competition that he never practiced, but he is constantly laying brick at work.

When asked about competing in the regionals and what he is looking forward to in Vegas, Esteban said, “I like competing because I like to be number one at what I do. And I feel proud to be part of the best bricklayers. To win the regional was a mix of emotions; Fear, nervousness, happiness, and excitement all at once. I hope to win the championship and bring the title to my state because the Colorado masonry industry is waiting for it to happen.”