Emilio has been taking part in our competition for about six years now and has joined us in Vegas three other times, making this current win his fourth venture out to Vegas. Emilio says that every time he goes to one of the regional competitions, it is a great experience. He goes on to state that the people who put on the events are nice, they treat him and his tender right, and that the competition is awesome.

“We came close one year to winning it all, so this year is hopefully our year,” says Emilio. Emilio and his tender, Charlie Cheatham, are practicing once a week. Their goal is laying 720 bricks in an hour and hoping that will get them the title without any deductions.

When asked how he feels about winning the Top Craftsman award at the regional competition he says, “The craftsman award is something that you have to enjoy and be proud of it because that is what the judges are looking for.”

2020 SPEC MIX BRICKLAYER 500 Ohio Regional