Easton Block and Supply Company History

Easton Block and Supply (EB&S) has been a proud member of The H&K Group Family of Companies since 1989. Established on property adjoining affiliate, A.B.E. Materials Easton, our state-of-the-art block plant utilizes raw materials from this facility to produce manufactured concrete block products of exceptional quality.

From humble beginnings and a block production rate of approximately 7,500 blocks per shift, today EB&S utilizes two state-of-the-art block machines to produce upwards of 40,000 blocks per day. As we approach our 30th year of business excellence, EB&S continues to expand product lines, diversify shapes, textures, colors, and update products supplied to the tri-state masonry market.


EB&S is a manufacturer of some of the finest quality block products presently available in the industry. Our products include foundation block of various sizes, shapes, and densities to satisfy even the most discriminating architect, designer, or builder. We also offer a diverse collection of architectural products consisting of Split Face, Smooth Face, Split Rib, Blasted, and Ground Face block. Utilizing our segmental retaining wall block, projects ranging in size from small garden “do-it-yourself” walls to complex multi-tier applications can be easily designed and installed. Our diverse block designs feature assorted color selections and varied aggregate types that provide a great variety that is demanded in today’s construction arena. EB&S is small enough to cater to specialty design requests and large enough to mass produce block for fast-track projects.

EB&S is also a dealer of SPEC MIX products.

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