MASON: David Chavez
TENDER: Guadalupe Hernandez
COMPANY: Ranch Masonry – Houston, TX

David Chavez started working as a tender at the age of 18 as he needed a job to help support his large family of 4 kids, 3 boys and 1 girl, as well as his high school sweetheart. He got the job through his brother, Carlos, who was already working as a mason. Carlos taught him the ropes that helped him quickly realize that masonry was hard work, but there was room to grow. He was then hired at Ranch Masonry 13 years ago when they gave him the opportunity to be a lead man and now he has become a project foreman.

David first heard about the SMBL500 from his boss, Arturo, back in 2010 but there was no regional event in Texas at that time. When one finally came around, Arturo asked David if he would be interested in competing. After watching a few videos of the competition, David was hooked. He was the winner of the first Texas Regional and is proud to note that over the years there have been two other Ranch Masonry employees who have been regional winners. It quickly became an event that the entire company looks forward to each year.

When asked what it is like to win a regional, David gave his thanks, “I have won the Texas Regional 5 times and it never gets old because every time it goes down to the wire and the best part is that my family and friends get to cheer me on. I know I couldn’t have done it alone so I want to thank God first and foremost, my family and the Ranch Masonry family for their support, and SPEC MIX and their sponsors for making this all possible.”

David has been in the industry for 20 years and believes that the future of the masonry industry is bright. He states that “Masonry is not only one of the oldest known construction methods but it continues to be a sustainable building method that most architects want on their projects because it is durable, environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. Masonry has also evolved due to advances in engineering. Recently, we installed brick and stone on a 35 story apartment building all the way to the top floor.”

David is a firm believer that the masonry industry has a lot to offer the younger generation. He recognizes that it takes a lot of hard work but is worthwhile as he knows that the benefits are lasting. He is proud to mention that his oldest son, Christian, recently graduated high school and has decided to start his career in the masonry industry right alongside his dad, “I am proud to be able to pass my knowledge and work ethic to my son and any other young man or woman that is willing to learn about our trade.”

2020 SPEC MIX BRICKLAYER 500 Ohio Regional