D2W (Dry to Wet) Gas Powered Hydraulic Drive



The SPEC MIX® D2W Continuous Mixing System with its Gas Powered Hydraulic Drive is the portable batch plant giving contractors the ability to mix large amounts of materials anywhere without needing any utilities—no electricity and no pressurized water line! Simply connect the D2W’s hose to its pump and a 200 gallon tank of clean water, start the gas powered hydraulic drive and the D2W Continuous Mixing System is capable of producing up to 10 cubic yards of material per hour. Once the water ratio is set the D2W continuously produces highly consistent, workable product with optimal open-time.

It’s the ultimate SPEC MIX Silo System that provides contractors the ability to complete projects in any remote location and the flexibility to mix most any SPEC MIX product whenever it’s needed. Whether the project calls for masonry mortar and grout, concrete, stucco or specialty products, the D2W Gas Powered system will mix around the clock quickly with zero waste—all day, every day—and it’s all done with the flip of a switch.

Having your own on-site, on-demand material production source greatly decreases labor and eliminates material waste while maximizing the efficiency, productivity and profitability of any size crew. There is no sand to shovel; bags to lift and risk of back injury and certainly no trash or dust at the mixer. The SPEC MIX D2W Continuous Mixing System & Gas Powered Hydraulic Drive unit gives you control when, where and how fast the job is completed!

Operating and Safety Instructions

1. GETTING STARTED: Check the gas and motor oil levels on the D2W Gas Powered Hydraulic Drive unit. NOTE: If the motor oil level is too low, the motor will not start. Always make sure the SPEC MIX Silo is full of material.
2. CONNECTING TO PRESSURIZED WATER SOURCE: If connecting to a pressurized water source, use one inch inside diameter hose line with ¾ in (19 mm) ends. Attach the ¾ in (19 mm) water hose adaptor to the fitting on the panel unit.
3. CONNECTING TO STANDING WATER SOURCE: When a pressurized water line is not available, mixing water can be siphoned from a standing water source (tank). To use standing water, attach the siphoning hose with strainer. Always use a large standing water source (tank); the recommended minimum water container size is 200 gallons (757 L).
4. PREPARING TO MIX: Open the D2W valve gate at the bottom of the silo by pulling the handle to the open position to allow the dry, preblended material to flow into the D2W Mixing System. Start the Honda motor.
5. MIXING MATERIAL: Start by opening the main water valve next to the hose connection. Then slowly open the water control valve to introduce water into the mixing chamber. Later you will adjust this valve to get the desired water-to-material ratio. NOTE: To mix material continuously (non-stop) turn the panel switch to the MANUAL setting. To mix material for a timed period, switch to the AUTO setting and select a time on the round dial on the panel. Next turn the AUGER and VIBRATOR switches to the ON position. NOTE: If siphoning water from a standing water source, turn the PUMP switch to the ON position. Then push the START CYCLE button on the panel. Once mixing has begun, the water content of the material being mixed can be adjusted by turning the water control valve. Mixing is be stopped by pushing STOP CYCLE button or the EMERGENCY STOP button.
6. CLEAN OUT: To clean the SPEC MIX D2W after use, first shut off the material flow by closing the valve gate using the gate handle. Then run the D2W in the AUTO or MANUAL setting until the discharge water is clear.