MASON: Carlos Hernandez
TENDER: Juan Diego De Lara
COMPANY: CIA Masonry, LLC – Oklahoma City, OK
BRICK COUNT: 551 – No Deductions

Carlos Zamudio, who goes by his second last name Hernandez has been working in the masonry industry as a bricklayer for 14 years. He has spent that same amount of time living in the “beautiful state of Oklahoma.” He was 17 years old when he arrived in the United States and has been working here to create a better life for himself and his family since then.

“I do not know if CIA Masonry is the better or bigger company in Oklahoma, but for me, it is. I have learned a lot from my superiors, and I have been promoted to an important position as well. I thank God primarily for opening my opportunities and giving me the chance to be here in this country, in this state, apart of CIA Masonry, and in the Spec Mix Bricklayer 500. I have dreamed of participating in this competition. Now that I have achieved it, I hope to conquer everything it offers,” says Carlos.

When talking about motivation to excel at his career, Carlos says that his four children, Mariana, Monica, Mayte, Samuel, and his wife, Ana that are his motivation to keep going. Carlos has the drive to win this competition, the support behind him from his family, and from his boss/coach, Jeremy Lamb. 

“I really want to win the competition, so I will practice and then go and do my best. I thank Spec Mix for allowing me to participate and also my boss and coach Jeremy Lamb for inviting me and supporting me to compete and win.”

2020 SPEC MIX BRICKLAYER 500 Ohio Regional