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We’re an aggressive team with a lot of passion and energy to achieve our mission: Deliver the highest quality performance products and project solutions to the construction industry. Whether our client is a design professional selecting colored mortar for a restoration project or the contractor performing the work on a high-rise in downtown Chicago, we pride ourselves on being good listeners to help select the best product for the application while achieving maximum jobsite productivity. We immerse ourselves in the businesses and needs of the architects and contractors we proudly consider as our friends. Whether it’s participating in product knowledge sessions, contractor association meetings and initiatives, to holding national and regional SPEC MIX BRICKLAYER 500® events, we’re happy to support the building trades that are the backbone of the industry. We take pride in this status, which is something we are privileged to uphold.

All of our product regional managers possess years of actual field experience in the trades for which SPEC MIX materials are used. From single-family homes to sports coliseums that seat 100,000, for the past 20 years, we’ve strived to make every project we’ve touched better than imagined.

Think back 25 years more when construction job sites across North America were littered with pallets of bagged cement, lime in certain regions, and sacks of pigment awaiting the scoop of a “Big Gulp” cup. These raw materials were dropped around massive piles of pit sand and rock which sat idle, exposed to the elements, waiting for a laborer (or two) to shovel and lift them all into a mixer to rustle up a batch of masonry mortar, grout, or stucco. There’s no question the life of a laborer wasn’t easy—the work was hard and their jobsite product quality control support team was non-existent. To the dismay of project owners, designers, engineers, including the contractors who are directly responsible for constructing buildings steep in structural integrity and aesthetic value, this was the extent of quality assurance and job site efficiencies available to all these people working with cementitious building materials.

Today and in the future, whenever there is a need or challenge in the construction industry, the SPEC MIX team is the first to accept the call for action. We constantly collaborate with architects, engineers and contractors of all types and sizes to create and implement project solutions. With over 40 production facilities in the U.S. and Canada as well as 80-plus market representatives that are all backed by our technical department support specialists, we’re highly motivated and qualified to help you get the job done right with the best materials, productivity and safety. Our mantra: KEEP GOING, KEEP MOVING, KEEP WORKING has real meaning to us because it’s our mission for our customers and the reason they rely on our partnership.