Silo Systems

D2W Gas Powered Hydraulic Drive
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WORK ANYWHERE—MIX CONTINUOUSLY!   The SPEC MIX® D2W Continuous Mixing System with its Gas Powered Hydraulic Drive is the portable batch plant giving contractors the ability to mix large amounts of materials anywhere without needing any utilities—no electricity and noaaa
Silo Upper Dust Shroud
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Silo Delivery Sytems: Reducing Respirable Dust Exposure SPEC MIX Silo Delivery Systems are designed to increase job site productivity and worker safety. Providing a safe work environment starts with our systems’ ergonomically correct design and reducing exposure to respirable “nuisance”aaa
Silo Mixer Shroud
The SPEC MIX Silo Mixer Shroud is a new addition to our Silo Delivery Systems designed to further increase worker safety and jobsite efficiency. When properly installed the SPEC MIX Silo Mixer Shroud further mitigates a worker’s potential interaction withaaa
D2W Workhorse
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MIX WHERE YOU WORK…CONTINUOUSLY The SPEC MIX® D2W Workhorse Continuous Mixing System is the dust-free mixer powered by a standard 120V circuit so you mix SPEC MIX products anywhere on site. Simply plug into a power outlet, connect to aaaa
Ten Bagger Silo System
Large Capacity Silo for High Production The SPEC MIX® Ten Bagger silo is ideal for the largest projects where high production at the mixing station is not a luxury—it is a necessity to meet the project’s scope. With up toaaa
Split Silo System
Multiple Product Delivery for Maximum Efficiency The SPEC MIX® Split Silo system is designed with two compartments to offer the contractor the versatility of multiple product delivery to a single mixer. Its unique design works perfectly on jobsites where moreaaa
Silo Enclosure – Double
All Season Silo Mixing Station With More Space! The SPEC MIX® All Season Double Bump Out Silo Enclosure is a durable system developed with extra space to protect contractors working in cold, rainy, windy or sunny weather conditions. Custom designedaaa
Silo Enclosure – Single
All Season Silo Mixing Station Made Easy! The SPEC MIX® All Season Silo Enclosure System is a durable system developed to protect contractors working in cold, rainy, windy or sunny weather conditions. Custom designed to form fit the SPEC MIXaaa
Low profile. High volume. The SPEC MIX® PA4000 Power Auger Delivery System is engineered for dispensing all SPEC MIX dry, preblended products. This material delivery system is built to tackle interior and exterior masonry projects of all sizes. Contractor crewsaaa
Maximum Mobility. Jobsite Versatility. The SPEC MIX PA1000 Power Auger Delivery System is the ultimate system for maximizing a contractor’s efficiency by increasing the mobility and versatility of the material mixing station. This low profile unit holds one bulk bagaaa
G7000 Silo System
The Standard for Preblended Mixing The SPEC MIX® G7000 silo system is the ultimate contractor tool for maximizing the production and profitability of any workforce. The G7000’s design is simple, yet highly efficient when producing dry, cement-based products on
D2W Continuous Mixing System
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CONTINUOUS OUTPUT—CONSTANT QUALITY. The SPEC MIX D2W is the ultimate SPEC MIX silo material mixing system for mortar, grout, stucco, shotcrete and most all other types of cementitious based products.  The portable system completely eliminates the need for a jobsiteaaa