Masonry Grouts

Thin Veneer Adhesion Mortar-XP500
Color Available
SUPERIOR WORKABILITY & ADHESION. MAXIMUM PRODUCTIVITY SPEC MIX® Thin Veneer Adhesion Mortar XP500 is a premium preblended polymer modified thin set mortar specifically designed to bond masonry thin veneer units including manufactured and gauged or ungauged natural thin stone andaaa
SCG (Self Consolidating Grout)
Color Available
Structurally Sound. Highly Fluid. SPEC MIX Self Consolidating Grout (SCG) is designed to completely fill cores in masonry units at a higher rate of flow than standard masonry grout. All the constituents of SPEC MIX SCG are dispersed and suspendedaaa
Core Fill Masonry Grout (Fine and Coarse)
Color Available
High Strength. Structural Integrity. In reinforced masonry, the SPEC MIX® Core Fill Grout is used to fill cells of concrete masonry units and horizontal bond beams as well as the cavities of composite masonry construction. Depending on the project specification,aaa